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Attention brides, click here to register, we’re excited to bring the BSI experience to you!
Attention brides, click here to register, we’re excited to bring the BSI experience to you!


Christmas Ornaments

  • Wishing for Waves Santa

    $ 58.00

    Stripped down to his skivvies with his brand new surfboard in hand, Santa looks ready to hang ten on his first wave. Hold onto your hat! DIMENSION...

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  • What Wonder Awaits Gem

    $ 76.00

    Hurry, come quick, gather round! Can't you just hear the soft cooing of a baby? My, what a wonderful sound! DIMENSIONS: 3 in (H) x 1 in (L) x 3 in...

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  • Simply Stunning Santa

    $ 195.00

    This traditional glass Santa Claus ornament is the perfect complement to your classic décor. Hand-painted in rich colors and finished with sparklin...

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  • Rolling Stones

    $ 83.00

    From 1962 to 2022… The Stones are turning 60! Celebrate this major milestone with this commemorative ornament featuring their famously cheeky "Lick...

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  • Kangaroo Kristmas

    $ 40.00

    This momma deeply loves her little baby Joey. And Joey likes riding in momma's pouch, especially when it's snowy! 15% of proceeds from the sales...

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  • It's Raining Cats!

    $ 250.00

    What to do when you love the rain, but hate getting wet? Take a cue from this pretty kitty and don your galoshes, coat, and trusty umbrella! DIMEN...

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  • Holly Jolly Snowman

    $ 86.00

    'Tis the season to smile and this cheerful snow friend is very happy to see you! He's bundled up against the frosty air in some festive furs and a ...

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  • Bowling Green Ornament

    $ 25.00

    Round Porcelain Bowling Green Ornament. 3" diameter Commemorating Downtown landmarks:  Hot Rod, SOKY, Barren River, SKYPac, Corvette Museum, Wester...

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  • Six Tier Celebration Gem

    $ 43.00

    Be the envy of every baker with this towering tiered cake ornament. Decorated with a cascade of colorful  blooms, it's lucky that it's the kind of ...

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  • Chillin' Out Ornament

    $ 15.50

    Leave it to a snowman to be the king of chill! This frosty fella is in vacation mode on a beach chair in the sun. Hope he brought his sunscreen! D...

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