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Attention brides, click here to register, we’re excited to bring the BSI experience to you!
Attention brides, click here to register, we’re excited to bring the BSI experience to you!

Cleaning Supplies

  • Silversmith Gloves

    $ 25.99

    The effortless method to keep silver shining brightly and tarnish free. Slip on Hagerty Silversmiths' Gloves at the first sign of tarnish. Simply d...

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  • Silversmith Polish Spray

    $ 24.99

    Silversmiths' Spray Polish is a non-abrasive, highly convenient way to clean your favorite silver and silver plate pieces. With R-22 Tarnish Preven...

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  • Wood Repair Filler Sticks

    $ 6.50

    Trusted by furniture professionals, Guardsman Wood Repair Filler Sticks use wood putty to quickly and easily repair scratches, gouges, and nail hol...

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  • Wenol Polish

    $ 13.50

    Widely used in restaurant kitchens, Wenol Polish is a trusted favorite when it comes to restoring cookware and stainless-steel surfaces to a brilli...

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  • Hagerty Silversmith Polish

    $ 18.00

    Professionally clean, polish, and prevent tarnish on sterling, silver plate, and gold with Hagerty Silversmiths’ Polish–the silver polish in the ic...

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  • Hagerty Flatware Silver Dip

    $ 18.99

    Restore the natural shine of your heavily tarnished flatware with the Hagerty Flatware Silver Dip. It's quick and easy to use. It'll help you exten...

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  • Guardsman Wood Polish

    $ 6.95

    Enhances wood's beauty, leaving a fresh woodland scent. No artificial gloss, only your wood's natural luster and shine.

  • Furniture Dusting Cloth

    $ 4.50

    Guardsman Reusable Dusting Cloths are specially treated and lint-free to quickly grab and trap dust to remove allergens for healthier, cleaner air...

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  • Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner

    $ 19.99

    Clean your chandelier with ease, leaving it sparkling and radiant with the Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner. To use, just spray it on and allow it to dry...

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